Why small businesses should consider subscription-based print management solutions

print management

Most businesses are aware that they can save money and create efficiencies with the right print management solution however for smaller businesses in particular, the perceived cost of implementing a solution can deter decision-makers from moving forward. However, with subscription-based payment options that can help protect cash flow, smaller businesses can benefit from print management solutions.

The need for print management and document capture applies to all businesses regardless of size. Businesses can unlock significant efficiencies by digitalising and automating workflows, and can save money by implementing and enforcing strong print governance. However, these things can seem daunting for smaller businesses and there is often a misperception that the cost outweighs the benefits. In fact, the opposite is true: smaller businesses can achieve a significant return on investment with the right solutions.

There are three ways small businesses can benefit from choosing a purpose-built print management software platform:

  1. Per-device pricing. Small businesses need to contain costs as their business grows. Per-device pricing means they pay only for the number of devices they have not how many people use them.
  2. Modular options. Businesses with tight budgets can choose the services they need today to ensure maximum return for minimal investment. As they grow, they can add more modules according to the business’s changing needs. This approach doesn’t add extra costs or require complex implementations.
  3. Subscription-based licences. Small businesses can forgo perpetual licences and, instead, pay for the print management platform as they go as a monthly or quarterly operating expense. There are no additional charges for paying this way and it lets small businesses manage their cash flow more effectively.

Small business owners want to access the latest technology but a monolithic piece of software puts that out of reach for most. With subscription pricing, businesses can access the latest, most up-to-date software without unwieldy upfront capital investment required. This lets businesses allocate the costs to operating expenses instead of capital expenditure.

Furthermore, a barrier to entry for many small businesses is the fear that they’ll need to invest a significant chunk of money in an entire platform when they will really only use a few key features. Enterprises can often afford to take that approach but smaller businesses need to be more protective of their cash flow. So, investing in a platform that grows with the business in a seamless, modular way makes sense.

Being able to choose between modules and suites, where modules are price-bundled, gives small businesses the flexibility they need to start small, achieve solid returns, then consider expanding their use of the software. Being able to use the latest print management and document capture software can help position small businesses in any industry to compete more effectively and reduce overheads.

Adam O’Neill, Managing Director – Australia, Y Soft