How to use the iPad as a business tool

Wayne Berry explains the many business benefits of the iPad and other such tablets.

I am very much into using new technology for selling today. The iPad in particular was a real breakthrough, mainly because of its front and back camera that can now be used with Skype.

Before we get into that, let’s recognise that from the many new products, people are most fascinated by the iPad and other such tablets. Hence, when these are used in a sales presentation they can really grab a prospect’s attention.

The benefits of video

Instead of using brochures and such to explain what you have to offer, consider making short videos.

Now, don’t throw your hands up in the air and complain that these would be too expensive to create and would take too long. That is simply not true!

Shoot your videos with a small digital camera, or even with your iPad or iPhone, and import them to an editing program like Apple’s iMovie. Use a template, edit out what isn’t needed, add some music, some commentary, subtitles and graphics, and that’s a wrap. A 30-minute job if you know what you are doing and it really is that easy. You can either learn how to do this yourself, or get someone in your company to learn.

Keep it short & sweet

Videos grab attention. These days, clients are more interested in watching short videos – less than four minutes – than reading pages of a brochure. However, make sure you keep them short. If you have 10 features to explain, make 10 short videos, not one long one. You can even make these specific to a client, addressing their needs or incorporating their logos. Trust me, they will be impressed!

These days, clients are more interested in watching short videos than reading pages of a brochure

With one swipe across the screen, you can take them to the next video. Or you can enlarge and reduce what appears on the screen with the use of just two fingers.

Also, what about ‘success stories’? Record short interviews with satisfied customers and have them on your iPad so you can show these when required.

We have more than 100 on our website. Do people watch them all? No, of course not. But after watching a few and seeing you have 100 more, that adds a lot of credibility.

Have PDF brochures on your iPad as well, in case you need them. While you meeting with a client, let them have a copy of what they need in order to make their decision. That way they can forward these to other decision-makers. Use email, Skype or YouSendIt to give them a copy in minutes.

The joys of video conferencing

How about using Skype group video conferencing to bring all decision-makers into your presentation, regardless of where in the world they are. This eliminates the objection ‘I need to speak with head office about this’. You can now have up to nine people plus yourself on the screen.

My sales coaches can take me into face-to-face meetings with prospects anytime, anywhere, using Skype and the prospect’s wi-fi or a personal hotspot from their iPhone. They connect to me on the iPad, regardless of where in the world I am. The iPad can be simply be set upright on the prospect’s desk and now we have a face-to-face meeting, with my coach there ‘live’, and me there too. They don’t even need to offer me coffee! I can do eight meetings a day this way, without even leaving my home office.

Uses for the iPad are endless if you start to think creatively. Contact me and I’ll send you a link to a video where I’ll can tell you more.

Wayne Berry, CEO, Top-Gun Business Academy