Twitter unveils its new Aussie HQ

Twitters new Aussie HQ in central Sydney is open-plan design – senior manages sit out on the floor with the rest of the team – to inspire creativity and innovation

Twitter unveiled its new Aussie HQ in the heart of Sydney’s CBD on Thurdsday. The office was formally opened by Mike Baird, Premier of NSW and inveterate tweeter.

The new office has a distinctly Australian theme: the meeting rooms are named after iconic Australian beaches such as Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, Maroubra and Noosa; the walls are adorned with paintings and photographs by Australian artists; and there is a muted green-and-golden colour scheme throughout.

The offices are functional and efficient – there break-out areas, hot desks and a library – but none of the quirky-but-unnecessary features that characterized the social media service’s offices in its early days.

Put out your bats

Twitter are paying homage to important Australian cultural moments that have played out on their platform, with a #PutOutYourBats photo mural in tribute to the late cricketer Phil Hughes prominent.

The office was designed to reflect the ethos of transparency and collaboration that Twitter fosters, the open-plan design, with no enclosed spaces – senior manages sit out on the floor with the rest of the team – aiming to inspire creativity and innovation in its inhabitants.