Three ways to leverage opportunities with mission-critical IoT

mission-critical iot

Internet of Things (IoT) products will evolve with longer battery life and more robust functionality and performance to become part of the new, mission-critical IoT. Mission-critical IoT is any factor of a system such as software or procedure that is essential to business operation. This evolution is creating new opportunities, but most organisations remain unsure how to make the transition.

With mission-critical IoT, organisations can capture more data about their processes and products in a more timely fashion to create new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and increase customer loyalty. However, there are a few challenges for organisations looking to make the transition.

There are three ways you can successfully leverage mission-critical IoT products:

1. Understand the requirements. Mission-critical IoT products and networks have specialised requirements centred on robust performance, reliability and security. Organisations need to fully understand these requirements and their impact on a product’s design to avoid costly mistakes. It also helps ensure that the product and network will perform as expected, regardless of the location or deployment environment.

2. Pay attention to design considerations. Designing a product can be difficult, especially if it’s for the mission-critical IoT. There are many considerations organisations need to keep in mind including interference, robust wireless connectivity, network readiness, and security. By continuously updating and upgrading network equipment, organisations can keep networks in flux. It’s important for organisations to make sure existing network devices can support new services, and to verify that deployed networks are reliable and offer a high quality experience.

3. Build a strong test foundation. Organisations may have an idea for an innovative product that meets the requirements of the mission-critical IoT and will operate as expected in the real-world, however it can only be accomplished through appropriate test and measurement. With no one-size-fits-all test option available, product makers, network operators and service providers must choose a solution that suits them best. Some of these solutions include accurate test equipment, wider bandwidths for larger coverage range, and test speed that can shorten time to market.

Mission-critical IoT is evolving to encompass applications in a variety of industries. By using the right test solutions, you can can ensure your products meet all the requirements and are designed with full consideration of the issues associated with all mission-critical products such as security, network support, and wireless technology.

Cheryl Ajluni, IoT solutions lead, Keysight Technologies