Three reasons why your business should switch to a cloud phone system

For many businesses, the last few years have been a challenging time. With changes to how many of us operate and even in how we deliver our products or services, it’s important that your business communication system has the flexibility to adapt to changing environments.

That’s exactly why more businesses are making the switch to cloud-based phones because of the flexibility it offers. Not sure what a cloud phone system is or how it can benefit your business? Read on to find out more and why your business needs one.

What is a Cloud Phone?

Cloud phones are a virtual phone service that’s delivered over the internet. Unlike traditional office phones, cloud phones can be used on multiple devices including smartphone, laptop, and PC. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you’re up and running.

1. Stay connected wherever you go

Whether you’re in the office, working remotely or traveling for work, cloud phones enable you to comfortably work from anywhere in the world. Since all you need is a stable internet connection, you can make and receive calls as usual, even without your desk phone. Simply use the softphone app on your smartphone or laptop to start making calls.

2. Features and functions designed to simplify managing calls

One of the major advantages of a cloud phone system is the full suite of call features and functions. They’re designed to better assist your team with managing calls and to provide an outstanding customer experience. Features like call transfer, call park and call queuing make call management seamless, especially if your staff aren’t all working at the same location.

3. A phone system that grows with your business

Cloud phones are highly scalable, meaning adding and removing staff is as easy as a click of a button. This enables your phone system to change as your business grows and ensures you’re only paying for what you need. Unlike traditional office phones or business mobiles, cloud phones generally have month-to-month contract options available. That means you have the extra flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan if your call volume changes over time.

Cloud phone systems are a cost-effective and feature rich solution that can help ensure your business always continues to thrive. With superior flexibility and functionality, a cloud office phone can help you always stays connected.