Top three apps for team collaboration and productivity

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With the increase in remote work, collaborations are becoming a necessary part of the work environment. To keep track of work done, pending work, and to ensure productivity, organizations need tools that enable team meetings in real-time.

As a small-business owner or startup, you definitely can’t run your business alone. In fact, you shouldn’t. Collaboration apps make it easy to work with teams, while also keeping regular tabs on what team members are up to, which leads to increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Operating in the tech sector with over 10 years of experience, and as a senior engineer that manages a large development team, I understand that collaboration apps are essential to the progress of remote work. Managing a team requires a certain level of dexterity, which involves being able to break down the most complex tasks into easily accessible and processible ones. In response to this demand, collaboration apps have features that cater for this necessity.

Features like tasks and subtasks creation, screen sharing, video and audio calls, time tracking, instant messaging, cloud document storage, and others, are essential for collaboration.

Here are some useful apps for team collaborations. They are relatively easy and cheap to use, and also a great option to kickstart your business. Plus, they’ve got free packages as well.


Slack is a great collaboration tool with millions of users all over the globe. The app allows for direct conversations between teams and video calling as well. It also has a bot function that helps to delegate tasks, run polls, remind users about meetings, and also calculate team results.

Asides from that, teams can share files with their colleagues directly within the app, and also store files on the cloud storage, which means you don’t ever have to worry about losing your files.

Slack is very easy to use, anyone can literally set up a team on slack within minutes. Slack offers about 2000 apps that can be integrated with the app, such as; Google Drive, MailChimp, Dropbox, GitHub, Twitter, Intercom, among others. It also offers a search feature you can use to search for previous projects and conversations.


Asana is a leading software for improving task management. It helps to automate communication, designate, and also track assigned tasks. The app has features like notes, groups, combined tasks, followers, among others, that make team collaborations a seamless process.

With a Focus Mode, Asana helps teams to focus on productive tasks, break tasks down into subtasks, and also differentiate tasks by names and deadlines.

Also, Asana has great customizable dashboards that allow team heads and team members to follow each task separately, communicate, track leads and customer queries, and also display the status of each participant.

Citrix Podio

Podio places focus on collaborating and sharing to improve data quality, and also to ensure that teams are armed with up-to-date information about leads and customers. Podio is a great app for marketing teams, as it increases sales productivity with lead management and a CRM tool that helps in accounting.

A great feature of Podio is automated workflows, which helps to trigger another action when a particular action is completed. With sales teams, for instance, an automated workflow could be set whenever a deal is closed so that a follow up can be assigned automatically.

Asides from that, Podio also has a webform feature that enables web pages to be created. Web pages could be used to collect customer feedback or to give clients more detailed information about the company. Also, activity streams can be used to post company news, alongside a shared calendar to plan and share events.