Harnessing the power of handheld technology to drive your business

handheld technology
Zhongshan,China-December 26, 2017:Chinese man checking the Alipay QR code on the mobile.QR code for payment and money transfering becomes very common and popular in China,fast and safe.

Handheld technology is playing an increasingly influential role in the modern-day business landscape as two-thirds of the world is now connected via mobile devices.

With over five billion people in the world owning a mobile device and the average person spending two hours and 51 minutes per day on their mobile device, handheld technology popularity is on the rise. 

What’s more, 22 per cent of us check our phones every few minutes, and 51 per cent of users look at it a few times per hour. 

The popularity of handheld technology solutions such as apps has increased since the emergence of COVID-19 with businesses forced to utilise applications and programs to stay connected with staff and network with other businesses. 

With 194 billion mobile phone apps downloaded in 2019, up from the 178 billion apps downloaded in 2017, application usage has increased in popularity, with many apps being used to drive business and assist with internal business communication.

With society’s demand for constant connectedness, businesses are thriving in a new age where applications like Zoom, Whatsapp, and NEI are harnessing the power of handheld technology to connect and drive business.

Businesses are using handheld technology and applications to drive business and thrive with the data showing that individuals are migrating towards the use of applications.

When considering how to harness the power of handheld technology for your business, think  about the following;

Is your website responsive?

While you and your customers may desire speedy loading of your website, you must also consider the responsiveness of your website. The ideal website will be able to be seen fully on a handheld divide and a desktop device. 

Is an application right for you?

If you have ever considered an application for your business you will know there are certain complexities that come with it. Understanding if an app-based solution is the right direction for your business and how it will function and the operation it will perform is crucial for your business.

Where are you on Google?

There is a significant amount of information that can be found on the internet. You need to make sure you claim your online space through the use of a website so your customers can find you with ease.  

Future smartphone usage statistics suggest that people will download 258 billion apps in 2022 alone, showing the increase in popularity of the handheld movement.

Getting people connected and keeping them connected has never been more important as we understand that technology and digitisation are here to stay and businesses find ways to make use of these resources. 

The use of the right applications is one way that businesses can harness the power of handheld technology.