Innovation in the Adelaide healthcare sector

Innovation in the Adelaide healthcare sector such as use of cutting-edge technology in health clinics proofs the city is in the vanguard of health care

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Adelaide is leading the way in small-business innovation in the healthcare Sector. A distinct change in health care innovation has been observed in recent years according to study conducted in the city. Several modern health clinics are now using cutting-edge technology and changing the way their therapists operate, encouraging referrals to clinics with different professional disciplines.

Here are five of the most innovative health and wellness clinics in Adelaide.

AP Chiropractic
AP Chiropractic have adopted data-intensive reporting systems. Chiropractic patients are shown the full range of motion that their spine currently achieves, and are able to track progress of their treatment online. The reporting system is so comprehensive that each treatment received from an AP Chiropractor shows segmental improvements.

AP Chiropractic


Located in Adelaide’s south, AP Chiropractic is a clinic led by Dr. Peter Roennfeldt and is a good example of small businesses developing internal systems for their local communities.

Meanwhile, larger organisations and government bodies within Adelaide are pushing the boundaries for what can be achieved at a state level, spearheaded by innovative research centers.

SAAHRC – South Australian Advanced Health Research Centre














The SAAHRC has been assessed by an international panel of experts as among ‘the best in the world’, according to Professor Alastair Burt, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide.

It is the research conducted by SAAHRC that helps small businesses in Adelaide, such as AP Chirporactic, remain at forefront of innovation. In particular it is the health promotion and prevention programs that are allowing Adelaide’s health centres to compete on an international stage.

ARI Adelaide Research & Innovation

One of the reasons Adelaide is leading the way in health-care innovation is the collaborative efforts of several small businesses and organisations. Essentially changing the health-care paradigm by working collectively instead of working as individual clinicians, looking after just their own best interests, is a mature outlook that is reaping dividends.

Businesses like ARI have been able to connect clients and the community with university researchers, pushing Adelaide’s health care services forward.

Mawson Lakes Healthcare

Mawson Lakes offers much more than general practitioner services, which is why they are another prime example of Adelaide’s small-business innovators. The clinic is also a practice ground for medical students, using their affiliation with Flinders University and Adelaide University. Training services are offered to students who are soon to be general practitioners.

Management at Mawson Lakes have acknowledged the positive effects of this training program. Promoting it as a facilitator for ongoing best-practice innovation, with so many young students moving around the clinic there is always a focus on medical advancements and professional development.

From small businesses to state government and educational leaders the wellbeing of Adelaide’s populous appears to be in good hands. The aforementioned accolades (especially from the international panel of healthcare experts) serve as tangible evidence that Adelaide is at the forefront of health care innovation.

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