Why the modern digital workplace must continue to evolve

Engaged employees are passionate at work, drive innovation, and move the organisation forward. So it’s no surprise that engagement is becoming increasingly important for businesses in the modern digital workplace.

Because of this, organisations must transform internally as well as externally in order to remain competitive. Putting the right tools, information, and analytics in front of employees, when and where they need it, will have a significant impact, not just on employees, but throughout the organisation and ultimately for clients.

Creating a digital workplace is about employee empowerment and enablement in order to improve engagement and the customer experience. So the digital workplace must be established with an organisation’s culture, employees, business objectives, and clients in mind.

Your broader digital transformation may present opportunities. For example, businesses will already have some of the building blocks of a digital workplace in place such as CRM or financial and human resource systems, which may be slated for update or replacement. This is a great opportunity to integrate with the digital workplace rather than just designing it in isolation.

The roadmap to designing the digital workplace is straightforward enough. But the key is understanding how people work, and where the value is. This can be achieved by:

  • listing business objectives and then identifying the technical capabilities to support them;
  • designing the experience: invest the time to understand what employees need, and how they operate and work;
  • identifying gaps: understand what’s already in place, what’s coming or changing, and what else is required; and
  • prove the value: the business must realise tangible business benefits and a return on investment or it’s not worth doing. It’s essential to define how success can be measured.

The employee experience is critically important. If businesses are prepared to invest in empowering and enabling the workforce, everyone will realise the benefits – business, employees, and clients.

Doug Baxter, Productivity Specialist, Empired

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