Start 2019 with a company data spring-clean

Think for a moment about all the data your business collects… yes, all of it.

Overwhelming, isn’t it? Are you able to name every source that delivers your first, second and third-hand data? Online, offline, in-store, CRM, DMP, and more…

And perhaps the bigger question of all: is that data… organised? Do you know where it is, how current it is, and if it can be used by your company to its maximum effectiveness?

Navigating the mega maze of data for most companies is entirely overwhelming – whether your organisation is big or small. In order to maximise the use of that data to achieve your company goals – you need to get organised. That’s why we’re starting 2019 on a clean slate.

Join us in our company data spring-cleaning resolution! Here are our top four tips:

1. Locate your data

A typical business has marketing and customer data siloed in as many as 30 different technologies that are only partially connected, and almost certainly not unified or working together. The first step with a data spring-clean is to find all of your company data. Once found, you can then consolidate, connect and analyse your data, ensuring it connects with your business needs and goals – and it can become one of the most valuable assets for your company.

2. Give your entire organisation a map of the data

Start sharing the sources with the entire organisation. This will ensure the whole company is working to the same map, for maximum effectiveness. There are a lot of useful data sources waiting to be used, but companies need a map to see directly where each data source is, what it is and what it offers, and how to get there. Get a better overview of the entire data map for your company so you can best utilise it for maximum results.

3. Switch from channel-centric to customer-centric

Today, most organisations adopt a channel-centric approach. This means are looking at solely at the “performance of a website” or “performance of an email campaign”. It’s like being in a room – if you are in a room, within a large building with the lights switched off, you can hear that there are people in the room, but you can’t see them. More companies need to have the lights switched on – suddenly they will be able to recognise their individual customers as they move through different rooms. This is the number one weakness for companies when it comes to data management – they are looking at all the channels, rather than the data situation as a whole, and customers individually.

4. Get to know your customers

The most important thing is for companies to get to know their customers just as they know their friends and family. If you think about it, you know where your personal network lives, how to contact them – you know how they are doing, what they like and where they are going. Knowing your customers in the same way, by gathering first-party data correctly, helps you track conversations and build comprehensive profiles of your customers – enabling you to be of the utmost service and deliver what your community really needs.

So, if you’ve been putting off a ‘spring-clean’ of your organisational data for some time – there’s no better excuse than the new year to hit the refresh button. The pay-offs of navigating a mega maze will outweigh the overwhelm in getting started, and deliver endless benefits internally and externally for your company.

Jana Marle-Zizkova, CEO & Co-Founder, She Loves Data & Meiro Pte Ltd.

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