Five tech tools to help turn a business idea into a reality

Many people may have a great idea for a business, however, they struggle to turn it into a reality. How do you build out a concept into something that’s bigger than a good idea? How do you get started? What should you do with it?

While the prospect may seem daunting, the good news is there are tech tools that can help. From those that can help you to easily collaborate with others and start fleshing out that idea by tapping the input and insight of others to others that can get your idea up and running and making money for you immediately.

Here I have curated five tech tools which can help the budding entrepreneur turn their business idea into a reality in 2018.

Dropbox Paper

Putting an idea on paper can often be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Dropbox Paper is an online workspace that makes it easy to collaborate with others on ideas, documents – anything – in real time. From assigning tasks to making to-do lists and capturing links and imagery, Paper can help you to unleash your creative energy by eliminating the frustrations associated with word processors, so you can focus on building out your idea, not the formatting.


GoDaddy can help get your business idea up and running in by enabling you to build a professional-looking website in as little as an hour, and the platform is mobile-enabled so you can build and register your site while on the go from your mobile phone. The competitively-priced business starter package includes website hosting, 24/7 support, PayPal integration, Security (SSL) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Invoice2go is a mobile and web app designed to allow small- and micro-business owners to create and send professional invoices – making it effortless to track work and collect payments. Invoice2go also offers a mobile point of sale device, meaning you can accept tap-and-go payments on the spot, wherever you are. Admin is a timely, costly, and often infuriating element of building and running a business. Whether it’s chasing invoices or keeping track of your cashflow, this package simplifies things and cuts costs.

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a nine-week immersive coding boot camp for entrepreneurs. The intensive program is designed to give creative people the technical skills to create and launch quality digital products. Students learn the best practices in both backend and frontend coding, database modelling, UI design and product launch methodology.


Yes, I work here, so this recommendation may sound self-serving. But, we really believe that 99designs is a great tool for entrepreneurs. Having delivered over 1 million design contests and projects for business owners over the past ten years, ours is the world’s largest on-demand design marketplace. If you are in need of a logo designed, business cards created, or help with a branding document, you can search our pool of designers to execute the task at hand within your deadline and budget.

Pamela Webber, CMO, 99designs

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