Find the right IT services provider

Find the right IT services provider – it’s critical

Businesses today are reliant on IT – many businesses assume that all IT services providers are equal and will provide the same level of quality, but this isn’t the case.

A recent experience that we had with a new client highlighted the importance of finding a proactive and capable IT service provider and being hands on with your IT management. This particular client had been using an IT service provider for some time and while they assumed that their IT was being taken care of, closer examination revealed a number of serious issues including the following:

  • Insufficient licences – there weren’t enough software licences to go around and many of the existing licences were out of date.
  • Data scattered across different servers and drives – this made it difficult to find files, which in turn affected business productivity.
  • Hardware out of warranty – this placed additional stress on servers, which was making them fail regularly.
  • No anti-virus protection – when the initial scan was run after installation, just under 300 infections were found.

These issues, along with poorly designed and implemented infrastructure, were having a highly detrimental effect on the organisation, which was struggling.

It’s not enough to have an IT service provider. To ensure you are getting the right level of service, we suggest that management should take a proactive interest in ongoing IT management and keep up to date with what their IT service provider is doing.

It’s not enough to have an IT service provider. Management should take a proactive interest in ongoing IT management.

Here are some ways that small-business owners can choose the right IT provider and help prevent IT issues crippling their organisation:

  • Get involved with IT management and make sure that IT is part of the everyday business processes. It’s important that management gets involved with IT planning and meetings.
  • Take a proactive interest in IT management. Be aware of what products and services are available and how they can be helpful to your organisation. Attend meetings with IT service providers to find out what they are doing.
  • Choose IT providers who take an ongoing management approach over those who wait for something to break before fixing it.
  • When looking for a new IT services provider, look for testimonials and references as proof of their competence and capability.

Your business’s IT is an essential foundation for day-to-day operations and future growth, so don’t take chances with your service provider.

James Ackland, Hybrid Technology Solutions

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