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Fair Work Ombudsman

Victorian agribusiness Lotus Farm fined for underpaying workers and falsifying records

Lotus Farm provided false or misleading pay slips to the FWO and gave no payslips to the workers.

FWO conduct surprise inspections of Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula farms

Inspectors are on the alert for low rates of pay that breach the Horticulture, Pastoral or the Wine Industry Award laws.

Tasmanian farms inspected over suspected underpayments

The investigations are part of FWO's Agriculture Strategy which has targeted already more than 450 businesses in the agr...

Vietnamese eateries to face court over alleged underpayments

The operators allegedly subjected their workers to an unlawful 'strike' system what involved further deductions from wor...

More than $500 million back-paid to workers for second year in a row

Fair Work Inspectors issued 626 Infringement Notices for record-keeping or pay slips breaches, with total fines of $739,...
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Fair work compliance urged in agriculture sector

The FWO will continue to prioritise the agriculture sector in 2023-24 as the sector is heavily dependent on workers that...
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Company penalised for ‘obnoxious’ conduct against migrant workers

The FWO found that that three of the 30 underpayment contraventions met the definition of 'serious contraventions' becau...
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Federal government set to make ‘wage theft’ a criminal offence

The ARA are warning that the Bill will “increase complexity for employers without any upside in terms of productivity, j...

Former bistro restaurant operators penalised over underpayments

The judge in the case noted that there was a lack of contrition from the bistro's director which necessitated the penalt...
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Court date served to underpaying former restaurant operator

A former worker was found to have been underpaid of the minimum wages, and weekend penalty rates and the restaurant oper...