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Sole traders facing declining revenue and job uncertainty after two-year upside

Only 56 per cent of sole traders in March 2024 felt secure in their jobs, falling from 61 per cent in October last year.
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Aussie sole traders upbeat despite inflation

The positive outlook prevails despite the research revealing that 75 per cent of sole traders paying more for supplies a...
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Sole traders being squeezed by tight lending conditions

Four in 10 sole traders have tried to secure additional funding in the past three months alone but only half managed to ...

Almost half of new businesses failing within their first four years

Sole proprietorships with one owner – also known as sole traders – had low new business survival rates with only 43 per ...

Sole traders ready to bounce back

"Sole traders are renowned for having the skillset and the mettle to overcome challenges in their everyday operations, a...

Overcoming the struggles of being a sole trader

How a sole trader can rise above the daily struggles of personal effectiveness and deal with all facets of managing thei...