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How to find out your State’s revenue downturn benchmark to access COVID-19 support

Although the application criteria for each support measure differs state-by-state, most business owners must be able to ...

New grants program to give small businesses some much-needed support

The 99 Days of Design scheme will offer provide financial support, refreshed design identities and marketing materials t...

Eligibility criteria for SME grants in NSW revealed

All businesses in NSW may be eligible for a grant if they have an annual wage bill of up to $10 million and aggregated ...

$250,000 in grants to aid SMEs’ recovery

Small businesses across the spectrum of the economy have benefited from Vero's business recovery grants, using them to o...
indigenous businesses, fastest-growing

$500,000 grant awarded to org supporting Indigenous enterprises

The $500,000 grant will help support a vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector, from business planning to o...

Brisbane start-up’s growth spurred on by grant win

Brisbane start-up spur: say that winning the inaugural $50,000 Bolter Little Giant Startup Grant will be instrumental in...

Training grants for businesses end

SMEs are advised to use other training grants to upgrade team skills.