How innovative new technologies can help e-tailers achieve eCommerce growth

The Australian eCommerce sector continues to grow as more consumers shop online and more retailers join the online marketplace. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed that total online sales increased by 67.1 per cent from March to October 2020.

Fierce competition in the eCommerce space has forced organisations to reassess their market strategies and sales processes. It’s becoming increasingly essential that e-tailers invest in new technologies to help streamline operations and harness new growth opportunities, or risk falling behind savvier, forward-thinking competitors. One of the most critical areas that e-tailers must invest in to see increased growth opportunities is shipping.

Signed, sealed, and delivered

Shipping is one of the most essential elements of online shopping. Today’s consumers expect speed, accuracy, and care when receiving goods purchased online; it’s critical that e-tailers invest in solutions that provide a good shipping experience for customers.

Parcel sending can be one of the last touchpoints that etailers have with customers, and a negative experience is unlikely to convert into continued business. However, new technologies can help etailers to ensure customers have a positive, efficient, and cost-effective experience while keeping parcel sending costs low for etailers.

Digital parcel shipping solutions can improve the online shopping experience for e-tailers and customers through the use of three key capabilities:

  1. Automation: solutions that automate time-consuming processes like label printing, or automating order management by integrating online stores, let etailers reduce the time and costs involved in finalising orders and managing shipping goods to consumers.
  2. Tracking: solutions that provide access to parcel tracking information for both customers and businesses create transparency and let customers see when their goods have been dispatched by the supplier. They can also reduce etailers’ liability for lost or misplaced products. Investing in solutions that let businesses track spending can also help to keep costs low.
  3. Carrier network: solutions that integrate a consolidated network of carrier options let etailers and consumers choose the best solution for their shipping needs. Choosing the most time- and cost-effective courier services lets etailers continue to service all customers without increasing the cost of shipping unnecessarily, including those in regional areas not serviced by all courier companies.

Investing in digital shipping solutions keeps etailers on the front foot in terms of providing exceptional customer service. Having a positive online shopping experience will mean nothing to consumers if they don’t receive their goods or if they are significantly damaged or delayed when they arrive. Comparatively, e-tailers that can provide a seamless shipping service for customers can potentially capitalise on their success and secure return business from happy clients.

Investing in digital shipping solutions that help keep costs low provide other benefits to etailers as well, with reduced spending in one area increasing cashflow for other operational areas. Online businesses are likely to experience a continued upward trend in online shopping throughout 2021. Investing in more streamlined and cost-effective solutions now can help business meet and exceed customer expectations later and continue to stay ahead of their competitors.