Why your leads are not converting to paying clients

For small business owners getting leads is one thing, but turning that lead into a paying customer, is a completely different ball game. The number one reason a customer will purchase your product or service is they hope that it will fulfil their emotional need. Whether it be feeling good, feeling healthy or feeling safe. It really does not matter what product or service the customer is buying, people buy hope.

So, the challenge as small-business owners is to answer the question of, how can we fulfill someone’s hope? In short, we need to be able to offer them the solution to their needs and to achieve this, your sales funnel needs to become less focused on conversion and more about connection.

Connect with the right leads

It is paramount that you understand what you offer and why people buy this. If you don’t have a robust understanding of the problem you are solving, chances are people will not buy from you. Therefore, you need to become the expert listener and problem solver in your industry.

Begin by clearly defining who your target market is. Who buys your products and services? Take the time to learn about your customers, understand them and then workout how to connect with them on an emotional level. Doing so will allow the client to really connect with your brand and your business, which is much more powerful and effective way of converting sales then simply trying to push customers along a robotic sales process.

Communicate consistently

Connection is key to building rapport and truly understanding your customers. It is a mistake to focus only on your customers’ needs in order to be able to sell to them. Take the time to get to know your customers personally. Be authentic, honest and real. By doing this you create a channel for customers to relate to you and your business on a personal level.

By building rapport with them you will not only convert them to customers but create raving fans and customers for life.

Be constant across your communication. Does your web site, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook pages all have a consistent message? If not, you will not meet your customers’ expectations and your brand will appear wishy-washy rather than compelling. A simple way to do this is to avoid using stock photos. Have photos of your business and of you offering your services or product. This way people are seeing what they will actually get, rather than a stock standard photo that is not you, not real and may also be used by your competition.

Under-promise and over-deliver

In today’s world of fly-buys and a plethora of customer loyalty cards, you must offer massive value to your customers while being mindful of your bottom line. So, what add on you can give customers to increase the perceived value of their purchase? By offering added value, you will increase the buy of the perspective customer, leading to a higher conversion rate. A local café may do this by offering a free chocolate with a purchase of a coffee. This small add on brings people back as the café has promised a coffee, but delivered a coffee and chocolate. They have over delivered and in return, created a high level of customer satisfaction and perceived value of their product.

If we focus on connection rather then conversion, the latter comes about organically and the customers satisfaction is higher, your product or service is perceived as greater in value and your customers will keep coming back.

Simon Fox, Founder, Fitness Mentors

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