What your social media strategy needs in 2018

Most of us are now aware that social media and online branding is an important part of any operating business or services coming into 2018. The array of social media platforms, networks and online tools that can be utilised in order to maximise a business’s needs vary drastically depending on the wants and needs of the business.

What is important though for any individual or business is to be innovative, and stay one step ahead of the social media trends. So while many have taken up the channels like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, there is a number of tips and tricks that we can use in order to capitalize on having an online presence.

There are a number of things businesses need to consider for their social media strategy in 2018. With the constantly changing landscape of digital platforms, it’s important that the role of digital presence is maximised to its best potential.

Businesses need to utilise the current tools and be willing to adapt when needed in order to stay current with their audience. Here are  the top three things businesses need to take on board for an effective digital strategy in 2018 are:

  • Stay ahead of the algorithm: If you didn’t already know, every social media and networking site has a number of algorithms that favour content. If you see something that seems to be trending, appearing more regularly, it’s not only tailored to your individual interests but also what the platform is favouring. Currently video holds the real estate when it comes to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, but this is sure to change as consumer habits do.
  • Know your brand, look and feel: No social media strategy is successful without a continuous theme and branding. Your tone of voice, graphics and feed should be a continuous theme. Remember to think beyond your ideal customer as your audience can include several audiences, not just your projected audience.
  • Spend effectively no excessively: Throwing money at posts for engagement and reach may seem smart but too much or not enough spend can hinder results. Your social strategy will still probably need spend behind it as organic reach has limited potential, but you should consider the social strategy objectives when putting money behind a post. Our top tip – sponsor posts through ads manager instead of boosting a post.

Jessica Koncz, Founder, Crave New Media

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