Three SEO tactics that can damage a small-business website

An SEO Services Sydney professional is campaigning to make both business owners and webmasters aware of the critical mistakes they could be making that can lead to a Google penalty and a drop in their website search rankings. Top 10 SEO Services in Sydney have witnessed the near-irreversible damage that using the wrong SEO services can do to a website’s ranking.

Being easily found in Google searches is a significant contributing factor to increasing leads and sales, and being found quickly and easily in the right place online can seriously improve a business’ revenue. This is why marketing experts and business professionals are strongly advising small-business owners to hire professional SEO services. Top 10 SEO services Sydney highly recommend avoiding the cheaper alternatives many small-business owners are turning to, as these can often cause untold and costly damage to their website’s ranking due to the poor-quality SEO methods they employ.

A spokesperson from Top 10 SEO Services Sydney said, “Many small-business owners wrongly believe that buying lots of cheap SEO services will rank them higher in Google and drive more of traffic to their websites – but doing so is a huge mistake. This might have worked before 2007, but now when people use these services arriving in their email spam folder, they’re finding the results to be less than desirable.”

Small-business owners using the following SEO methods could find themselves leading to a lengthy and costly recovery process for their websites by a higher-quality SEO professional.

1. Link farms and wheels

Link farms are set up to provide multiple back links to a website in an attempt to increase a website’s SEO. This is a tactic that may have worked pre-2007, but nowadays has the opposite effect – and will lead to a Google penalty. These poor quality links are known as false links and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, focus on accumulating quality links from reputable sources.

2. Links from penalised websites

If someone claims they can provide hundreds or possibly even thousands of links at a low price, usually not more than a few dollars, then alarm bells should be ringing. They will not be interested in providing quality links or care where the links are sourced. These people make their money by selling their wildly hyped services to as many people as they can in as short a time as possible. A large proportion of their links will be from penalised sites, which can damage a website’s ranking and lead to their own penalties. On the other hand, a professional SEO service provider will ensure all links come from reputable, trusted and quality sources.

3. Purchasing links

Many small-business owners are under the impression that the more links to their site, the higher they’ll rank in Google. This isn’t quite true, as the reality is that higher quality links contribute to a high Google ranking. Having hundreds or thousands of links of little value can lead to their site being blacklisted by Google. When this happens, the site will see a significant drop in traffic, leads and sales.

Small-business owners should avoid purchasing links from unknown sellers, and instead only seek assistance from reputable SEO professionals with a proven track record. Top 10 SEO in Sydney strongly advises small-business website owners to delete spam email offers of hundreds or thousands of links for only a few dollars. This is the quickest way to cause damage to any website, often leading to hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars to rectify.

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