The secret to building 20k followers on Facebook

I often get asked how I built my business page so fast, considering I had absolutely no knowledge how Facebook business worked 18 months prior to starting my business, Family Garden Life.

I was exactly like every other online start-up. I was riding an extremely steep learning curve and I was doing everything myself. It was completely overwhelming and sure, I wanted to walk away when it got tough.

The thing is, I knew my business concept was resonating with parents, especially mums and that was a key driver for both my mindset and business growth. That’s the big thing when it comes to growing your Facebook business page. You have to focus on the audience by watching, learning, applying those insights and tweaking your offering and then you will start to see it build momentum.

You have to leave behind what you want your business to deliver and focus on learning what your audience wants from you and delivering that instead. It comes back to basic marketing principles around identifying your audience (followers), their age, their characteristics, their needs and wants etc, and you can start to build a picture of who it is that will be your ideal customer / follower / advocate.

You could have a few audience groups that are of interest to you, and they will change over time as you learn more about them. You need to find out what they want by learning who they are. By posting various content topics you will start to see which topics get the most reactions and then you can explore and tweak your model over time.

Starting a Facebook group is a great place to run polls and ask questions if you need to do some research, or you can ask questions in other groups where you think your audience might hang out. Something I learned early on is that apart from delivering the right content to your audience, you also need to do the right thing by Facebook. Think of Facebook as your second audience.

Facebook has a great scheduling tool which is easy to use and allows you to schedule your weekly posts in one go. The worst thing you can do is just randomly content with no thought behind it. Post consistently and the same type of post at the same times of the day (video in the morning, picture at lunch etc).

Facebook is an algorithm and will work better for you if it knows what you are going to do. Facebook controls your reach, so don’t underestimate it’s power. Keep Facebook on side.

Lastly, I wanted to squash any thoughts that Facebook is dead. I know that reach has been compromised by the most recent algorithm change, and each time there is a change, yes it gets harder for your posts to get seen. So we need to think smarter when it comes to keeping Facebook happy.

I also truly believe Facebook is the new business directory. If a customer wants to check out your business they are going to check out your page. Your page following, interactions and content, creates a perceived value. If other people are following your business, it must be doing something right?

I’ll leave you with this thought: A customer visits two different businesses who sell the same product. The first one has 20 x 5-star reviews and 10,000 followers, and their content is great. The other on has no x ratings and they have 135 followers. Both businesses are in the same area and both have the same price. Who would you choose?

Rebecca Searles, Founder, Family Garden Life

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