Ten secrets to get your website convert leads into sales

In digital marketing, there’s no shortage of effective strategies that you can use to help bring more traffic to your website. Regardless of how many people are visiting your website, it won’t count for much if they aren’t covering into sales.

If you are struggling to convert your leads, consider the following ten tactics that will get prospects calling and buying from you once they visit your site.

1. Incentivise a purchase
eople are more likely to buy when they think they are getting added value, regardless of whether or not that’s actually the case. If you’re not in a position to offer free gifts, rewarding your customers with special discounts is an excellent way to make the buying decision more appealing and have them coming back.

2. Ask them to buy
It may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but you’d be surprised by how many customer journeys fail to prompt the prospect to buy. By asking leads if they are ready to make the purchase, through sales copy, it’s a neat psychological trick that makes them more likely to complete the transaction.

3. Feature your FAQ’s more prominently
One of the major barriers to buying is when customers have unanswered questions about your product or service. Even if your website already has an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, ensure this is more prominent. It gives buyers more confidence to purchase on the spot.

4. Create a sense of urgency
FOMO (fear of missing out) is the cornerstone of many effective advertising campaigns. Whether it’s a special discount valid for a week or limited-time production run, people are far more likely to make an impulsive purchase to avoid missing out.

5. Develop bespoke landing pages
Don’t just link all your digital marketing material to your homepage. You should be creating dedicated landing pages that are unique to each of your campaigns that feature a call to action and a way for people to buy. For example, if you’re a cake shop that sells cakes, offers baking classes, and stocks baking equipment, design a landing page deliberately for that offering, including the benefits and how to purchase.

6. Communicate data visually
If you need to communicate technical information about your product or service, use engaging graphs and charts to quickly and painlessly express it. Better yet, interactive infographics that convey the benefits of buying from you and will capture their attention.

7. Invite them to sign-up for more info
Without annoying your prospects with intrusive pop-ups, invite them to register to receive email updates about special discounts and new releases. This is a way to get your hooks into leads and expose them to further marketing material that will eventually lead them to make a purchase.

8. Create highly developed sales copy
Many high-ticket purchases require you to have engaging and persuasive sales copy that concisely communicates the key benefits of the offering you are pushing. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to craft high-quality content you can use at all points in your sales funnel.

9. Personalise your sales funnel
The more you personalise the buying journey, the more likely your prospects will make the decision to purchase. For example, you could use software that detects the location of inbound prospects and prepare a sales copy specifically tailored to people in that area.

10. Differentiate your brand from your competitors
Most consumers will compare brands and consider the cheapest option more highly. If your competitors are attracting business because they’re cheaper than you, look at their offer and identify key quality differences. This should be communicated in your sales copy.

Davide Defendi, Head of Strategy, SEO Shark

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