Start-up transforming the group gifting industry

It’s a constant struggle trying to chase down people to contribute, collect and keep track of all of the coins and bank notes. But a new platform has made group gifting an easier thing to do.

GroupTogether, an online platform that takes the hassle out of collecting money from a group for a gift or personal cause, has transformed the group gifting process in Australia. Over 10,000 people have chipped in online for group gifts for coaches, birthdays and farewells.

Ms Julie Tylman, Co-Founder of GroupTogether says, “who wouldn’t want a GoPro camera, a surfboard or bracelet from Tiffany’s for their birthday? That’s why group gifts, where friends chip in together, are the way to go. But they are also a giant headache! Organising. Collecting. Reminding. Getting left shortchanged. GroupTogether makes it easy: It’s PayPal meets Paperless Post. Efficient, simple and gracious.”

Friends receive a lovely invitation via email or link, they click through to chip in and add a message and photo to the card. The money is transferred to the organiser at the end of the collection. The organiser can then go and purchase a great gift or voucher. It’s still personal, too, as friends can write a message and upload a photo on the group card, which GroupTogether provides as part of the package.

Ms Shayna Jones has used GroupTogether to collect money for an office farewell, a 40th birthday and an office bereavement.

Shayna explains, “it’s a constant struggle trying to chase down people to contribute, collect and keep track of all of the coins and bank notes (don’t even get me started on giving change!). And then dealing with people who only respond once you’ve bought the item and the collection is over. Suddenly, I am able to set up a collection online on my tablet, smart phone or laptop and invite all of my regular suspects to contribute to something we know will be loved. Reminders are sent without me having to do a single thing, and collections can be made by credit card, bank deposit or PayPal. People who’ve taken part in my collections often remark about how easy it is to contribute and leave a message on a group card. Gone are the days of going from desk-to-desk looking for who has the giant novelty birthday card!”

Co-founder of Group Together, Ms Ali Linz adds, “we’ve changed the paradigm of gift giving. Now, people can give a gift that’s really wanted in a way that’s easier, less wasteful and with the option to give a portion to charity. It’s better all round.”

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