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With the new multinational tax increase to foreign owned companies. Many of the most crucial online advertising services will now be charging an additional 10 per cent to pay “their share of tax”.

Unfortunately, we as business owners will pay. Now that all is fair for multinationals with business owners paying the costs. The cost of doing business in the online space has become 10 per cent more costly overnight.

Google Adwords is now charging GST on accounts with Australian addresses. And many other overseas websites following suit, it is seriously time to improve your advertising expenditure.

If you wish to stay competitive in your market you will need to take a very close look at the results you’re getting on your online marketing campaigns. Here are two big impact ideas you can apply to your business quickly to increase your competitiveness in the digital domain.

  1. Implement Live Chat on your website

Studies have shown up to 83 per cent of customers need interaction with their decision-making process and will go elsewhere if people aren’t there to help them. Those are big numbers to miss out on if you’re spending big on PPC advertising to get potential customers to your website.

By having Live Chat on your site your customers can immediately get the answers they desire and it reduces the shopping around factor. Customers prefer engaging with a business that has live chat compared to a business selling the same product or service that does not. You can also increase your average sale value by being able to offer more appropriate products to your customers’ needs and perform upsells. This drastically reduces your ad spend by allowing you to convert your customers for higher sale prices and further maximize your ad spend.

It could be expensive to outsource and pay someone to monitor your site seven days a week, however, businesses such as Salesdesk247 offer live chat services with Pay Per Lead models so any business can gain the leads without the hefty ongoing price tag of outsourcing.

  1. “Entry and Exit” popups

Your end goal is to create as many leads or sales from your advertising spend as possible. Popups can be used to generate a lot of customer leads if used correctly. The best results are obtained where there is maximum reinforcement of collection of leads. The usage of both Entry and Exit popups reinforce the need for the customer to leave their details for some sort of incentive. A great idea is to use the offer as a motivation to make a purchase later. E.g. Offer a value-added upgrade upon their purchase if they enter their details.

Both ideas will drastically increase your lead collection, sales and average sales value helping to save money long term on the advertising and obtain more sales per dollar spent.

Brought to you by Leigh Bartlett, Sales Director, Salesdesk247

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    August 17, 2017 at 10:57

    You claim “The cost of doing business in the online space has become 10 per cent more costly overnight”

    Really? Because they are now charging GST?

    No real increase in your cost then is it. It is a cash-flow hit for 90 days at most.

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