Maximising your media coverage

If you or your business has been quoted or featured in the media, congratulations. International research suggests that trust in traditional media is growing, making an interview or review from a news outlet a powerful endorsement.

However, it’s important that you use your media coverage to its full potential. When promoted correctly, media mentions can become an influential marketing tool. Social Proof is a psychological theory that suggests that if a person doesn’t know what the correct behaviour for a certain situation is, they will look to other people and (put simply) “follow the crowd.”

Positive media coverage, whether in the form of an appearance on national TV, a review from a popular news outlet or even an article in a local newspaper, indicates that your business is noteworthy or important. Media coverage is therefore powerful social proof.  Here are three simple ways to amplify your media coverage in order to boost trust.

It’s a sign

A positive critique can be worth its weight in gold, especially for cafes, restaurants, and venues. If you’ve received several favourable reviews, ensure you make the most of them by including quotes or logos in your outdoor signage or point of sale marketing material.

Use it online

Just as incorporating positive media coverage into your signage is important, so too is making the most of your digital real estate. This may involve adding logos and/or quotes to your website, creating a specific press page or blog relating to media coverage and (of course), sharing the content on your social media profiles. You may even want to add the names of media outlets that have featured your business to your social media bios and their logos to your email signature or e-newsletter.

Savvy sales

The phrases “As seen on TV…” and “Recommended by…” still hold tremendous sway with potential customers. Make sure you mention press coverage in your sales presentations and even to add additional sway to your TV, radio and print advertising.

Standing out in a cluttered market can be tough, especially if you are a startup or new business. So, if you’re fortunate enough to be featured by the media, make sure you use the coverage to your advantage. It could mean the difference in closing a sale and losing out to your well-publicised competitor.

Penny Smits, Principal Consultant, WordPlay Public Relations

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