High return, low-cost marketing strategies for entrepreneurs

Hit top social media channels hard and get exposure as the authority for the right things – this should be an essential part of your marketing strategies.

When starting out in business, we can very easily turn into a revenue junkie. Let’s say we put in 80 hours a week and invest a whole lot in acquiring a large, yet average client base. This may seem like a good idea on the surface and productive at first. The danger is, falling into the trap of over capitalising too early. Therefore, it is very critical to employ smart and efficient marketing strategies, which has a zero to minimal cost resulting in as many high-value clients as possible, when starting out.

With my experience in working with hundreds of businesses over the years, I have seen the savvy entrepreneurs had a good grasp of the concept. And my advice to them is that it’s always wise to start with the lowest hanging fruit from the tree.

Strategies you can employ from the start:

  1. Get your edge right: Work out your strength and clearly communicate that across in your message. This will enhance all forms of marketing that you do.
  2. Have a beautiful identity: Strong colours, clear and concise logo, premium quality business cards – be the part and look the part.
  3. A selling website: A website is there to sell for you 24 hours, seven days a week. Make it attractively presentable and powerful.
  4. Networking in the right places: Meet and associate with successful people and hit the top business chambers in town.
  5. Facebook, LinkedIn and social media: Hit it hard and get exposure as the authority for the right things.
  6. Run free events: Hold live webinars, shared partner workshops, participate in business events – go for it, give and add value to your community.
  7. Build your partner networking: Give and receive referrals from your allied pals, establish a good reputation.

These are some of the basic moves that will help you set a good foundation for success. Once you have this in place, winning becomes easier and bank accounts will start liking you more. Provided you deliver on what you promise, your high-value client base shall start rolling in.

Edward Zia, Marketing Mentor & Blogger, Excellence Above

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