Four reasons why your marketing strategy may be failing

Do you find that your marketing strategies are not generating revenue? As we are moving out of the key consumer buying season, reevaluating your market strategies and finding what is failing could save your brand. These four fatal mistakes have easy solutions to keep you and your brand relevant.

1. Targeting the Wrong People

Placing your product in the wrong markets can target the wrong audience. Identifying and understanding where your customers are buying from can help reveal their shared interests and find new and better places to sell your product. Pay close attention to the response you get from your audience and adjust your social media strategy accordingly. Target the right market!

2. Your Message isn’t Clear

Does your mission statement really separate you from your competitors? Know the uniqueness of your product and use that as the focus point for your marketing campaign. Using the same marketing strategy as your competition won’t help make your product stand out. Create new angles for your product to be different from others.

3. Invest in Publicity

Get your dollar going further and use a public relations agency. Public relations proves to be more cost effective and credible than advertising. Having your product in the public eye will catch more than advertisements on a screen. PR is effective for businesses of any size and is a cost-effective option for smaller brands that don’t necessarily have a large advertising budget. Traditional advertising requires a large outlay of cash upfront before a brand can expect to really reach their audience, whereas a well-executed PR campaign generates buzz for a brand and has the potential to reach an even greater audience.

4. Introduce Social Media

Use social media platforms to market your brand. Users search these forums to find new sellers and products, but social media only works effectively if it is used as an interactive two-way street between your brand and its audience. Also, by using influencers, your product will be seen by thousands and you’ll receive an increase in website traffic due to the credibility of influencers.

Adrian Falk, Director, Believe Advertising and PR

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