Follow these steps to create the perfect product label

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Did you know that as many as 70 per cent of shoppers make their purchase decisions in the store, based on factors like prices, discounts and labelling? That’s a huge percentage of people who could potentially be swayed to purchase your product on the strength of its label alone. So how can you make sure your product label is good enough to win over these potential customers?

FastLabels, suppliers of all sorts of labels, from wine bottle labels to waterproof labels, has come up with a series of foolproof steps you should follow to create the perfect product label, starting with…


Solid research creates a solid foundation on which to build your design. You should be researching your target audience to see what it is they want from your product, as well as assessing what your rivals are doing with comparable products.

Choosing materials

Getting your label material right is vital – and with so many options to choose from, it’s important you don’t take this step for granted. Make sure you know what type of material your label will need to adhere to, and consider factors like whether your label might come into contact with water (if it’s stored in a freezer, for example – in which case, you’d need a waterproof label).

Information design

There’s plenty of information that you’re legally obliged to add to your product label, from nutritional information and storage advice, to barcodes and warnings. Create an “information hierarchy” to decide which information is most important, and which can be left out if space on your label is starting to dwindle.


Now, it’s time to focus on the design itself. From choosing the right colour scheme, to ensuring your product’s USP is clearly communicated, there’s a lot to bear in mind here.

Need more info? Check out FastLabels’ detailed infographic here, with all the steps you need to take to create the perfect product label:


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