Five ways to use Facebook to grow your sales

Someone once said to me, if content is king, then engagement is queen. It’s one of those pieces of advice that remains top of mind for me on a daily basis and especially when I’m scheduling my Facebook content. Mastering engaging content can produce a very powerful tool because it drives traffic and reach, both of which can lead to sales.

Your content has to have thought behind it. Sometimes it’s not what you want to deliver, but what your audience wants to read. The only way you are going to learn what they want is by writing a variety of content and looking at the performance. The higher the engagement, the better the result.

So let’s look at five ways you can drive traffic using this strategy.

#1 – Interesting content

In order for your social media following to grow, you need to post consistent content which is compelling and relevant to your audience. Write a list of categories that easily link back to your business. I’m not just going to post a picture of a chicken, but I might post a picture of a chicken with a questions like ‘Best chicken names?’ You have to make your posts hard to resist, interesting, engaging, meaningful and fun.

#2 – Micro-content bursts

I really like using this type of content because if you have a blog that’s been really successful and helpful to your audience, you can dissect it into micro bursts. This extends the life of your content so you get more mileage from it, and it helps capture the “scroller” who doesn’t have a lot of time. Micro content bursts allows you to see which sections of the blog rate the highest.

#3 – Valuable blog content

Posting blog content on your page is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but don’t just dump a link with an image. Make the text at the top short, simple and intriguing. Your blog title is everything on social media. You have to make your audience need to click through to find out more. Within your blog you can embed links in your copy, pop-ups for a freebie or have products in your sidebar.

# 4 – Groups build relationships

Social media is just that, social, so by forming relationships in a group setting you are building that bridge between your brand and the customer. By getting to know your members on a personal level, you can build trust and that’s extremely valuable when you are selling on Facebook. I’m not saying to join or create a group and start selling to them straight away because that will fail miserably. Be honest, and you will build a valuable tribe who are more likely to buy from you because you have built rapport and trust.

#5 – Retargeting advertising

Once you build your Facebook page, content, and interaction, a good retargeting campaign is an awesome next move. Retargeting is a way of advertising directly to the people who have landed on your website and looked at your products, but for some reason haven’t purchased. You can use this is many ways by offering a discount, new product or promotion, or even just to remind them that they visited your website.  This way you give them, and you, a second chance at the sale.

The most important thing is to keep learning what your audience wants, make adjustments, or when you’re on to a good thing, do more of that. Businesses who continue to evolve with Facebook by delivery engaging content will have a better chance at turning that relationship into a sale.

Rebecca Searles, Founder, Family Garden Life

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