Debunking digital marketing myths

If you want to be found by your target audience, you need to be online and you need digital marketing. But it has to be digital marketing done well. In our line of work, we’ve encountered clients who tell us that they “had a guy” who did “some SEO work” and “some Facebook work” in the past. But since nothing really happened to it after that, they abandoned the digital space. In this post, we debunk some of the top myths we commonly hear from small businesses.

It’s too expensive

We always emphasise to our clients that the money you spend depends on your goal and what foundations you already have. You can’t use one small business’s digital marketing plan and just apply it to another willy-nilly. If you plan to DIY but you lack the skills, remember that time is money. If you spend weeks and weeks learning the nuances of digital marketing without success then yes, you’ve wasted your time and your money. The best thing about digital marketing is you can scale it accordingly (if you know what you’re doing). And no, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

I need to be online 24/7

This one discourages small businesses even before they’ve started. There is this notion that you’ll have to be on your phone all the time to get on top of your social media and online campaigns. We keep reminding our clients that they don’t have to post every single day, every moment in time, or reply a second after someone messages them. There are ways around it like scheduling your post, setting up a bot or putting your office hours online (and sticking to it). Making use of technology will help you free up time so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

I have to be on all social media platforms

We keep saying this over and over again — you don’t need to be on every single platform. Know your audience then know where they “hang out”. All you need to do is hang out in the same place as they are and tailor your message to that particular platform while thinking of your own brand’s image. If your product/service appeals to a wider audience, you’ll have to segment it and design a campaign based on these segments. It’s okay to hang out in just two social media platforms (or even one!) as long as you do it well.

I can’t measure it

The “ruler” for digital marketing changes depending on who you ask. Some say it’s the number of “Likes”. Others say it’s the number of comments or engagement that you got. Or how many people actually called to inquire about the product/service. But then again, there’s the ultimate measuring stick of it all, the bottom line, the ROI. You can measure your digital marketing efforts based on your goal. Was it to create brand awareness? Or let your customers know about your discount offer? To measure your digital marketing campaign results, you need to start with the goal.

Still sceptical? It’s okay to be. But do your own research to figure it out. Talk to other small businesses during networking events and ask what they’ve done. Attend local workshops in your area, preferably the free ones, to educate yourself more. The more you know how it works, the easier it is for you to work with a digital marketing person and meet your goals.

Kristyn Levis, Creative Director, 3C Digital

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