Five customer retention tricks to increase revenue

It can be quite time-consuming as well as costly to acquire new customers for your e-commerce business. Repeat clients will spend about 70 per cent more on the average purchase than new clients, so it is well worth focusing on customer retention. There is even a law known as the “Law of the vital few” which means that 80 per cent of all your sales is generated by 20 per cent or fewer of your customers.

Offer a loyalty program

Shoppers these days tend to shop around for the best deal and do not care as much about the brand as they once did. If you offer a customer loyalty program you are much more likely to retain your customers, and your business will thrive.

What you want to do is also is target potential customers on dates to remember such as on birthdays, festivals, and anniversaries. You can use those opportunities to offer special discounts and to expose them to your brand. You will encourage them to shop at your store, and you will also be getting your brand out there.


Since the modern consumer isn’t attracted to a specific brand, you need to offer something new such as personalisation. Personalisation gives your customers a way to connect to your brand. In order to do this, you will need to collect data so you can tailor promotions to the needs of each individual customer. Simply personalise your emails to each potential customer by addressing them by name and by offering content that they would open and read.

Entice your customers

Be engaging and exciting. This is the age of Millennials, and they can tend to be dominant when it comes to online shopping. They are also passionate about technology so you will need to be engaging and you will have to adapt in order to create exciting content. You should include gamification in the experiences of your customers as well as in the purchase processes. Get your customers excited about shopping with you and offer something that your competitors are not.

Offer customer support 24/7

Things do not always go smoothly or the way that you want, so you will want to offer stellar customer service. Offer a customer service tool that your customers can access any time of the day or night. This will help make it possible for your customers to have access to help when they need it, and they are much more likely to stay with your brand. You want to make yourself accessible to your customers anytime. This makes it seem like you care and that you value your customers’ time-because you do.

Have a customer management system in place

Having a customer management system in place lets you collect as well as secure interactions and transactions that your customers make in one central location. This makes it easy to offer the very best customer experiences, and you can also customise your service to the needs of your individual customers. You can use this information to analyse the ROI on loyalty programs.

It is crucial to your business to have loyal customers. Once you get your initial customer, you need to keep them and drive your profits up. You can use a tool such as Google Analytics to find your loyal customers. Once you find your clients, you can use the above tools and tips to work on keeping all those customers and, thus, sales.

Helen Cartwright, Blogger and Founder,

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