Chatbots – what’s all the fuss about?

We’ve moved into an instant gratification society, where consumers now expect immediate attention and service. This trend is driven by rapid developments in technology and the consumer preference for mobile platforms. To meet consumer demands for immediacy, organisations of all kinds are integrating chatbots into their customer service strategies.

Small businesses are facing a growing set of challenges when it comes to customer interactions. With tighter budgets, smaller teams and fewer resources, it can be difficult to offer the kind of experience that is now expected. Bots have become the most efficient and affordable way to streamline operations and reduce demand on customer service agents by dealing with simple transactional enquires such as a change of address.

Bots have been hyped as the Next Big Thing to revolutionize the way consumers interact with business. What all the fuss is about? Yes, chatbots have become the latest buzzword but the reality is they add value to the bottom line. When used correctly, they can transform the customer experience through bot-integrated messaging platforms.

Consumers have made it clear they prefer to communicate via messaging apps, with over a billion people using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Small businesses have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by letting customers communicate on their terms in the way they want to speak with their family and friends – through mobile messaging. But answering all these incoming questions via message is time-consuming. If you run a business, you don’t have time to look at your iPhone every couple of minutes and get back to several customers, and it would be rude to simply say “go look at our website.”

Bots are the missing link. Integrating bots into mobile messaging benefits the consumer by enabling them to communicate with businesses on their own terms. On the business side, the workloads of customer service agents are reduced, opening their day to deal with more complex and critical enquiries. It also gives back time by allowing enquiries to be dealt with over a longer period to ensure the issue or problem is accurately resolved.

Investing in technology not only adds value to your business but helps you build lasting loyalty with your customers. Bot integrated mobile message creates more flexibility to streamline services and ensure all enquires are dealt with in a timely and effective manner that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Andrew Cannington, Regional VP (APAC), LivePerson

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