Australian shoppers prefer a brick-and-mortar store over online

Mood Media has recently released the results of their latest consumer study, showing conclusively that shoppers want an experience and will chose bricks-and-mortar over online if they get it.

While many believe that shoppers are overwhelmingly moving to online, 79 per cent of Australians are very/fairly likely to choose a store over online if there is an enjoyable atmosphere (music, visuals, scent). So, in order to succeed, shops need to ensure that they are creating an experience in-store and an enjoyable atmosphere – something online cannot offer.

The research was conducted by Walnut Unlimited, a global market research agency specialising in neuroscience and behavioural psychology and economi­cs. More than 10,000 consumers were surveyed across 10 countries worldwide including Australia, China, United Kingdom, the United States, France, Benelux, Germany and Spain.

“Consistent with our 2017 State of Brick & Mortar study, we found that the physical store remains important to the majority of people around the world, with the experiential element playing a large role in consumers’ decision to choose brick and mortar over e-commerce,” said Scott Moore, global senior vice president of marketing and creative content for Mood Media.

“It also further highlights that brick and mortar businesses have to give consumers a reason to get off the sofa and into the store, and part of that reason lies in providing them an elevated sensorial experience. Brands should look to this report to discover how they can create the kinds of store environments that will convert shoppers into buyers and loyal repeat customers.”

Atmosphere is key

Atmosphere – music, visuals, scent – was repeatedly highlighted by respondents as what will encourage repeat customers and longer shopping times. If there is an enjoyable atmosphere 86 per cent of Australians are very/fairly likely to re-visit a store, and 70 per cent of Australians are very/fairly likely to stay longer in store.

And with all businesses vying for word of mouth referrals, the report emphasised that shops should take note that 76 per cent of Australians are very/fairly likely to recommend a store to friends and family if there is an enjoyable atmosphere.

“Our research has shown definitively that there is still a demand for bricks and mortar shops. Consumers want to enjoy the experience of shopping and this is something that online stores simply cannot offer. Attracting shoppers with an enticing atmosphere and then encouraging purchases with a hands-on experience are key to increasing purchases.” said Steve Hughes, Managing Director of Mood Media Australia.

The ability to try different products or services is cited globally as the biggest driver in making consumers more likely to want to buy in brick and mortar.


“Consumers aren’t just buying a product when in-store; they’re buying an experience and they are demanding it with their feet. For many, shopping is a form of entertainment and bricks and mortar stores have a real advantage. Done right, shops can see new customers, higher numbers of repeat visits, longer in-store dwell times and more recommendations,” concluded Hughes.

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