How to get your small business noticed ahead of Father’s Day

One of the hallmark days of the year, Father’s Day, is just around the corner. Pencil in Sunday, 1 September in your calendar if you haven’t already.

It’s a big day for businesses. According to the Commonwealth Bank, Aussies have historically spent 15 per cent more on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day, forking out $1.58 billion in the lead up to the day which averages at roughly $50 per gift.

Here are my top five tips that small businesses should consider this year that will have an impact on not only immediate sales but also future retail occasions they plan to leverage.

Communicate the last day for online orders

Check the postage cutoff with your delivery partner to confirm the last date customers can order from your online store, to receive their gift before the big day. Display these dates clearly on your website header and on social media channels so customers can easily spot them.

Holding your customer’s hand through the purchase process will build brand trust and a sense of security. If you skip this, the customer may associate any late delivery with your brand, even if you aren’t at fault.

Suggest gifts and offer extras

While you’ve got a shopper’s attention on your homepage, include some suggested gifts for fathers. It’ll help customers make a purchasing decision, inspire new gift ideas and simultaneously make for a simpler click-to-purchase route.

Also, don’t hesitate to offer convenient extras to incite your customer to choose your shop. This could be expedited shipping for last-minute purchases, discounts on relevant stock or a complimentary card that they can write well-wishes on.

Integrate sustainability into your gifting

It’s always important to consider recent consumer trends when marketing to your customers. A big one that has gained momentum this year is sustainability and it’s affecting all levels of business from branding to shipping, as people increasingly vote on global issues with their dollar.

According to a recent study by BigCommerce, Australians would rather have items shipped in their original packaging rather than repackaged branding, to offset potential environmental impacts of shipping. Planet Ark also found that 71 per cent of consumers are willing to pay a premium for environmentally sustainable products.

Given this data, tell shoppers about any socially responsible activities linked to your product, right down how you wrap your products. For example, Vika Jewels has started using upcycled fabric pouches to wrap jewellery in. Same goes if you’re using carbon neutral delivery partners like Sendle, or eco packaging options like Better Packaging Co. Shout it from the rooftops!

Target your locale

The number of markets in Australia has more than doubled in the last decade, with over 180 listed markets. Contact the local markets in your area and set up a stall to sell your goods ahead of the day. This means that once online orders stop, you’ll still be able to showcase your gifts to last minute shoppers, no shipping costs (or carbon footprint) included.

Send a gift to a relevant influencer

In the “Instagram age”, shoppers look to user-generated content on social media to inform their choices. If there is a relevant father influencing figure that reflects your target audience, consider sending them a Father’s Day gift. Reach out over email telling them you’d like to send a gift, then write a sincere handwritten card when you send the product for a personalised touch. While it won’t immediately impact your sales, the figure may post your product on their channel and share it with their audience. Voila: a new sales funnel.

Marlena Maria, Founder, Terra Commune ethical brands consultancy and community

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