Five qualities of a good web designer

A good web designer is like a good mechanic. If you’re lucky enough to find a good one, stick with them.

Five things that make a good web designer

As I skim the internet, reading horror stories of businesses burnt by SEO companies and web designers that overpromise and underdeliver; the parallel between mechanics and web designers is probably not a bad way to explain how service can go wrong.

There’s a lot of trust a client puts into developing their online strategy and it seems to me that there are vultures out there who are more than willing to take advantage of the ill-informed.

So what makes a good web designer?

Someone who:

  1. answers the phone when you call
  2. sends you information on Google algorithm changes
  3. is transparent with deadlines and extra cost
  4. is passionate about design and your business’s success
  5. isn’t scared of no lock-in contracts

Make sure if you do find a good web designer you stay with them, unless you want a frustrating and costly experience.

Chris Sutherland, Web Designer Prolifik Melbourne

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