Why small business needs to change its approach to internal communication

With the ever-increasing access to information at work, getting your message across, even within a small team of people, can be complicated. Business systems – particularly those that focus on communication – are pretty archaic and have been limited to email.

Yet digital tools and platforms have revolutionised the way we communicate in our everyday lives, leading to “shadow IT” and many consumer-focused products being in the workplace. So what can small businesses do to pivot, get ahead of the curve and create an environment that fosters communication and collaboration?

Internal comms: beyond the break room

The need for a tool to help teams and organisations communicate is a particular challenge faced by internal communication teams. The need for robust comms tools to keep up with the changing work environment, and the new generation of tech-savvy professionals who have grown up using digital platforms, has never been more important.

Yet there is still an alarming number of workplaces holding onto legacy communication systems instead of embracing more contemporary alternatives, often at enormous cost to bottom lines and corporate culture. For example, in some businesses, their idea of internal comms is emailing all the managers in the business a PDF, asking the managers to print it off, hang it in the break room and ask all the employees to initial the paper once they’ve read it.

There is a better way. And now we’re beginning to see a shift in strategy that encourages meaningful dialogue within companies and gives a voice to everyone in the company.

A connected workforce

Today, organisations are becoming increasingly conscious of the fact conventional communications tools and methods often lend themselves to top-down bureaucratic styles of communication. As the corporate culture of communications becomes more connection driven, organisations are recognising the value of building communities from within the company and empowering employees to connect with one another regardless of their seniority.

Many companies are realising that by adopting robust and contemporary internal communications platforms, they can overcome some of their most burdensome communication challenges while reinvigorating company culture and supporting a more efficient and productive workforce.

Now that employees are not tied to geographical locations, companies need contemporary communications platforms that help workers connect, help employees stay connected while on parental leave, and ensure that employees on flexible workplace arrangements aren’t forgotten. In turn, companies see higher employee retention, happier staff, a more transparent culture and a sharing of ideas across all layers and levels of the company.

Choosing the right communication platform

Small businesses have been calling out for platforms that are simple to use, can deliver content across a variety of mediums and are looking for a best of breed solution focused on apps and services that are mobile-first.

The diversity in communications needs to transcend text, instant messaging, live video, chat groups and much more. This is how individuals choose to consume information at home so it makes sense that the most effective internal communications strategies at work, are those that align with these existing preferences.

Small business, big dreams

We believe organisations which are given the right communications tools, are empowered to create positive change at all levels of the business. This is why we have built a robust and versatile platform that can effectively respond to modern businesses’ evolving communications strategies.

Whether the objective is to increase productivity and efficiency, to improve workplace culture or the bottom line, Workplace by Facebook supports the constantly evolving communications needs of today’s businesses now and will continue to do so well into the future.

Ben Gould, Enterprise Growth Manager ANZ, Workplace by Facebook

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