What does it take to be successful?

Martin Luther King didn’t say “I have a strategic plan”. He said, “I have a dream”, and having a dream is the first rung on the ladder to success, according to the subject of this week’s episode of ISBTV.

Sue Lindsay is renowned as a pioneering business leader, both in her native New Zealand and further afield. Sue achieved early success, winning New Zealand Young Executive of the Year and a World Young Business Achiever award in Beijing before going on to become General Manager of one of NZ’s largest agribusinesses. Sue is now a speaker, transformation coach and consultant, working with and inspiring individuals and organisations around the world.

Sue tells us that we should never, ever allow someone else to judge whether or not we’re successful – success is personal and only you yourself know if you have realised your vision and achieved the dream you had when you set out on your business journey.

Business, Sue avers, is about people, passion and the power of dreams. She also warns us not to take notice when people tell us we can’t do something differently because it hasn’t been successful before. In fact, Sue says, hearing that should excite us – they’re probably saying that because they realise our way might work and we may, therefore, become more successful than them!

Sue shares her insights into how we can convert our commitment to our people, our passion and following our dream into high performance and profitability.

If you have insights you’d like to share with small-business owners and would like to contribute a video for ISB TV please email [email protected].

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