Top five ways Dropbox Paper can boost teamwork in small business

Success in small business relies heavily on getting everybody on the same page. We collaborate almost every day so doing it the right way is essential. Dropbox understands how important this is, so they created a platform for modern-day teams to collaborate in a space that suits their needs. Dropbox Paper is a flexible workspace that brings people and ideas together. Small teams can create, review, revise, manage and organise—all in shared documents in real time.

Here are five ways that Paper can boost teamwork in small business:


Emails are a very common tool for any business, but using emails to communicate leads to one-off conversations, and information can get withheld. With Paper, you and your teammates can all work together in one doc, at the same time. Changes are reflected immediately so you always see the most up-to-date version. If you want to share feedback without editing the doc, you can just add a comment. Comments are visible to all collaborators, so everyone stays in the loop.

Make information available

When key information gets stuck in personal emails and file systems, collaborators lose key access and visibility into a project. Losing access to project information slows down progress and can jeopardise deadlines. Teammates who join a project in progress can easily catch up by reading through Paper docs and checking version history. Paper even shows you who’s seen a doc, and when, so you know who’s up to speed and who might need a friendly nudge.

Keep your team on track

Small-business teams often don’t have the luxury of time. Like in any business, time is money, but using resources correctly is essential in smaller teams. Making progress on projects now is easier than ever as Paper allows users to assign work and due dates when adding task lists. Knowing who’s taking action on what part of a project, helps keep the team aligned on progress. Paper also allows users to @mention specific people in the body of a doc increasing team visibility. Paper will even notify you when they complete the task.

Work from anywhere

Dropbox Paper can provide employees flexibility in terms of how, when, and where they work. As millennials continue to populate the workforce with a different attitude to work, businesses will have to adapt to attract and retain them. Although this practice is not limited to millennials, working from home will become more common in the future, and so collaboration tools such as Paper will be crucial to business success. Paper allows teams to collaborate from the road, from home, and within the same office.

Use any device

The same user experience can be experienced on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Paper allows you to work on your space wherever you are in the world and on multiple platforms. Forget your computer? No worries – simply open up your phone and get working. Take Dropbox Paper with you!

Deeps De Silva, Head of Marketing – APAC & Japan, Dropbox

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