Tips for planning a successful and memorable corporate event – Part 3

Now that you know how to prepare the setting and logistics of your corporate event, Adelaide Hills Convention Centre has some tips on marketing your event to make it a huge success!

We’re also going to discuss whether or not hiring an event planner can be a good idea for you.

Be ready to market your event

In order to make your event a success, you’ll need to have a well organised and detailed marketing plan. Define good reasons for people to show up!! In order to plan a truly successful corporate event, you’ll need to generate excitement from attendees building up to the event, and buy-in from attendees after the event. And this is a must whether you’re planning an internal corporate event or not.

Many employees may think that unless there’s a party and music, corporate events are boring and dull in their nature so make sure that you give them good and attractive reasons to show at the door. Whether it is a surprise that nobody will like to miss, a well-known expert speaker, exciting educational content, don’t lose the connection with why you want your audience clamoring to get in.

Use channels like email marketing, community building, social media and content creation to inspire and excite attendees leading up to event day.

Do you need an event planner?

Whoever has attended a corporate event can mistakenly believe that organising one is easy and that an event planner is a redundant expense. However, the truth is that planning can be challenging, and if done wrong, can be an epic disaster.

In order to plan and run a successful corporate event, you need to have the internal resources available to devote to the organisation of your event. The person charged with organising it needs to be well acquainted with logistics and be great at negotiation in order to secure the best pricing for the many different needs that an event requires.

If a few of the situations below apply to you, an event planner might be a good solution:

  • nobody in your team has capacity to spend hours researching and negotiating
  • you can’t risk failure
  • you are not familiar with legal and logistic requirements
  • you’ve never planned an event in your life
  • you don’t have any relationships with relevant third-party vendors

Relying on a professional event planner can save you not only time and stress but also more than a headache.

Planning a successful corporate event can seem to be an overwhelming task. However, whether you hire the services of an event planner or you follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to host a stunning and professional corporate event that will make your company shine through.

Stephen Pearce, Marketing Manager, Adelaide Hills Convention Centre

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