Three tasks business owners should never do

If you’re in business you’ll know how multi-skilled you need to be. Sometimes, you need to be everything to everyone. But there are some tasks you really should learn to say no to, or your business is never going to grow as large as it should. After all, your time is the most valuable thing you can contribute to your business and your family, so you need to be selective in where it’s spent and ensure you invest it where it will have the greatest return. Here are our top three time-wasters that no serious business owner should ever do themselves:

1. Cleaning

Your time is stretched as it is, if you’re doing your own cleaning in the office or at home, then you really don’t value yourself or the time you have available. If you’re working hard growing your business, then haven’t you earned a little downtime? Outsource your cleaning and get a little of your “me time” back.

2. Filing and administration

Important tasks yes, but worthy of your attention no! If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, then get the help you need to take the administrative tasks off your plate so you can focus on what’s really going to make the changes in your business take shape.

3. Bookkeeping

Spending your time on data entry and reconciliation may make you feel like you’re achieving something, but imagine where you could invest that time for a greater outcome? Bookkeeping is a relatively straightforward yet specialised task and it’s something that can so easily be outsourced, so someone with specialist skills can provide you with the management reports you need on how your business is performing. Let’s face it, not many business owners know much about accounting, so the chances are you’re doing your bookkeeping tasks wrong in any case, which means your accountant has to fix your file each quarter – and you’re probably paying for it!

If you start thinking about the way you spend your time in the same way you invest your business finances, you will quickly become very protective of what time you have available and it may even change your outlook on productivity for the better!

Jodie Thompson, Managing Director, Evolve Online Bookkeeping

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