The questions you need to ask yourself in your start-up, growth and maturity phases

Having spent the last six years lifting up and assisting women in business, I constantly see business owners being faced with important questions they need to ask themselves and flesh out depending on the stage they are in.

The answers they come up with to these questions have a significant outcome of the success of their businesses, so, I have developed a set of tried and tested tips, tools and techniques for businesses in their start-up, growth and maturity phases.

Asking yourself these questions each time you begin a new phase in the development of your business will give you clarity and purpose as you start out, grow and then establish your business as a mature enterprise.

Questions for your start-up phase

  • What are you interested in doing?
  • How can you be of service to those you know?
  • What skills can you use in this?

Questions for your growth phase

  • Are you doing something that you love?
  • How do you know the world needs this?
  • Are you working at something you are good at?
  • Are you able to get paid for this?

Questions for your maturity phase

  • Who is your client and what makes them tick?
  • What are your client’s problems and / or aspirations?
  • Why do they buy from you – what value do they get and how do they describe this?
  • How do you best help your clients on this journey?
  • What have I learned, and where is this journey now taking me and my business?

Frances Pratt, Sales and Customer Experience Expert and winner of the HerBusiness member of the year award

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