The digital trends your small business should embrace in 2017

As 2017 approaches, it’s time to start thinking how your small business can be more innovative, attract new customers, and get ahead of competitors. Implementing the right strategies based on a good understanding of digital trends and knowledge of digital platforms will not only make your job easier in 2017, but will also increase your profitability and save you a lot of time.

Here are the essential emerging digital trends that you need to start thinking about for in the New Year.

Digital organisation

Although a lot of small businesses are increasingly using digital platforms to manage their jobs, take care of quotes, invoices and scheduling, it is still common to see a small-business owner making bookings on pieces of paper, or giving out handwritten receipts and invoices.

In 2017, you need to start integrating the right management technology. A couple of examples of digital platforms that are helpful for small businesses to try include simPRO and Tradify.

Digital payments

ATM withdrawals have been decreasing steadily as we move towards a cashless society. There are already options that enable small businesses to accept digital payments, such as mobile apps, mobile adapters and portable point-of-sale systems.

As fintech takes the world by storm, digital payments will become increasingly common and easy to introduce into your business workflow. Of course, transaction fees may apply for many digital payment solutions, but what’s a smile from a customer worth?


With messaging apps on the rise as a form of communication between family, friends and coworkers – we are going to see a wave of integrations that will allow businesses to be part of that conversation on popular messaging platforms. We’ve already seen the rise of Facebook chat bots, allowing you to order an Uber, purchase a T-shirt or seek medical advice. In 2017, businesses will need to see how they can leverage messaging platforms to provide value and exceptional customer support.

New marketing

Less people are using traditional forms of media, like newspapers and TV, to get their information. This means legacy marketing techniques, like placing an advertisement in the newspaper, are becoming increasingly less effective.

In 2017, you will need to find new online ways to market your business and find new customers. Heading online and using a service such as ours quickly becoming a more successful and cost-effective way of finding new customers.

A new year always signals a fresh start for a small business and when most people begin their searches in Google, you need to start thinking innovatively about how to get in front of your customers where they are looking for businesses.

James Martin, Head of Technology, Oneflare

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