How your independence is eating up your cashflow

Learning to accept the amazing gift of collaborative thinking should be your new mantra to grow your business.

From the moment we go to school, we are being asked to grow up, compete and be independent. We are expected to learn and apply skills so that we can survive and to stand on our own two feet. We are encouraged to battle out our demons in a solo journey to show our strength, resilience and courage.

These are good skills to master but not so great when running a business.

This kind of programming can undermine our success when running a business. In fact, this stubborn independence and solo drive could kick you in the butt and hurt your cashflow because of two key reasons.

1. You need support to grow

Going solo keeps you small. The reality is this – cashflow improves when we start leveraging our business through systems (automation) or people (repetition). Unless you can clone yourself or become the systems IT nerd, you will need support and collaboration. We are not brilliant at every business function so respecting this fact is the start.

The three basic components in business include making a product, selling it and managing the money. I am not very good at the third. Some people are great money managers but cannot sell. I assume we can all make the product, which is why we started our businesses.

Being a one-man band is going to strip your cashflow and crush your spirit. Learning to accept the amazing gift of support, fresh ideas and help from others should be your new mantra. Whether it is paid or free support, seek it out.

2. It’s all about collaboration and connection

I have noticed a trend occurring in the last five years and have observed which business ideas gain the most traction. They meet a specific psychological and cultural paradigm of social change and collaborative efforts for a common cause.

When a few people with a big dream, dare to connect their ideas and passions together – magic happens. Entrepreneurs who team up with others can produce big business. Logically, teaming up with others (and their networks) paves way for a bigger audience and a host of opportunities for you. It also opens you up to receiving more energy, ideas and support for your next move. I have witnessed a small business idea grow into a big event overnight due to this joint approach.

The Sydney-based Conscious Club gathers together speakers to exchange ideas under a common theme – they are contributing a conscious message into the world. From a small client base, it now attracts hundreds of customers per event. Was this possible with only one person running the show and sharing the message? Not a chance.

Remember: Independent thinking stagnates a business. Collaborative thinking blows it out of the water.

Going big, growing successful and jumping cashflow to the next level requires support and collaborative thinking – it involves many hands and many hearts.

So take the time to answer this: “Where can I collaborate and connect with another person or business to blow my ideas, projects or overall business out of the water and explode it to the next level of sweet cashflow?”

Debbie Pask, author and business coach specialising in mindfulness, purpose and value

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