Streamlining the recruitment process

Business owners who settle for second best because they don’t want to get caught up in the seemingly endless cycle of reading resumes, phone calls, interviews and reference checking – not to mention the expenditure on recruitment adverts and new employee training – often end up regretting their hiring decisions.

SMEs cannot afford to spend time and money on a lengthy traditional recruitment process. However, hiring the wrong person for the job could seriously impact business growth and standards, as well as finances. So how can a business spend less time on recruitment yet find the right person for the job?

Technology can help. Platforms are available that support businesses with the recruitment process and speed up the time-to-hire, which can be especially helpful for companies without HR departments.

At Expr3ss! we use predictive hiring technology to enable customers to identify cultural fit as well as skill level throughout the recruitment process. SMEs already know what success looks like within their workplace, and the software uses algorithms to pinpoint candidates likely meet custom benchmarks. This means hiring managers can quickly identify suitable applicants long before needing to read a CV. Also saving time and costs, the software can post job advertisements across a range of job boards.

Pinpointing suitable candidates cuts down on the recruitment grunt work, and the software can also help with reference checking and onboarding employees.

Xref is another application that helps with company recruitment, focusing on reference checks. The cloud-based platform sends reference requests directly to potential candidates. Emails are sent directly to referees seeking feedback. The platform analyses responses and provides a detailed report on candidates.

There is also HRonboard, which engages with every stage of the employee onboarding journey. It helps with offers and acceptance, new-starter provisioning and welcome programs … all the way through to “offboarding”.

It is commonly assumed that these technology platforms are costly and not a viable option for SMEs with tight budgets, but many platforms offer monthly subscriptions or pre-paid plans.

Carolyne Burns, Co-Founder, Expr3ss!

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