Starting out and standing out

In a global market where starting your own business has never been so easy, the ability to effectively stand out and build your business’s identity has become significantly more difficult. Even though this increased competition is great for consumers, it can be a “make or break” for small business to survive in the market.

Implementing effective differentiation strategies is one of the most important factors for any start-up or growing business and its overall success. Here are some top tips on how small-business owners can stand out from the crowd in an overpopulated market.

1. Be different and come up with something new

Don’t copy the trend or a best seller. Continue to reinvent your company and your service or product. Introducing new processes, products and solutions is essential to keep it fresh and fun for your consumer base but remember to always remain true to your brand.

2. Get personal

Start utilising the loyalty, generating power of remarkable customer contact and support. Building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers is one of the simplest ways to stand out.

3. Be consistent with your branding

Identify a clear message that you want to communicate and share this with your audience. By making things predictable for your customers, you’ll find that they come back again and again. Plus, they’ll buy more often because they know what to expect.

Melissa Haywood, Head of Vistaprint Australia

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