Product labels: No big deal for small business

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I volunteered to help with the local fair this year. My job? Getting 327 jam jars labelled and ready for sale. Luckily, this wasn’t a daunting task for me because I happen to work for a company that makes it much easier than most people realise.

But it got me thinking about labelling on boutique products I buy online, from local shops and at markets – candles, honey, hand-crafted jewellery, homebrew and so on. Many producers seem to be doing it the hard way – going to the printer and spending a lot of time and money, then waiting weeks for delivery. Or they’re avoiding it altogether, which is a crying shame, because labels are so important to the success of any brand.

It struck me that these boutique-business owners probably don’t know there’s an easy way to do labels. Over the last few years, labels have become much simpler and cheaper to create. In fact, you can do it all yourself, online – even if you’re just a one-man-band working out of your garage or off your kitchen table.

If you’re going down that path, here are four helpful tips for doing it properly…

  1. Don’t pay a designer

The better label print houses now give you the power to design your own labels. And with the best, it’s incredibly easy. First, determine the size and shape of label. Next, either upload your own design as a PDF, create your design right there on the site using a blank template, or use an existing template (an established label company will have dozens to choose from). When you’re done, preview the labels exactly as they’ll turn out. You can even proof your design, in situ, right then and there.

  1. Choose quality label materials

Obviously, a label has to reflect the quality of your product. You can’t afford to have something that fades, cracks or peels. There is a science to getting that right, so choose a printer that provides high quality, suitable materials for your product.

For example, if you need something waterproof, freezer-safe and tear-resistant for your refrigerated bottles, consider a vinyl label. Or if you want an elegant, shimmering look for a beautifully boxed item, go with a paper label in pearl. A quality printing company will have all the options, and the advice to help you choose.

  1. Print for the orders you have now

In the past, you had to print thousands of labels, even if you wanted only a handful. Fortunately, that’s well and truly a thing of the past. These days, the best label print companies allow you to order as few as you like, allowing for much more realistic budgeting. This also gives you creative freedom. If you want to change your labels at some stage in the future, you can do it without much waste.

  1. Don’t settle for slow turnaround

Last-minute rush orders and unexpected opportunities are a fact of life. So, you want to be able to get your labels fast. Fortunately, the better label print houses offer excellent turnaround times, some as short as two business days, so your labels won’t hold you up when you’re ready to go.

Learn more about designing and printing your own product labels

To learn more about designing and printing your own labels, visit the Avery WePrint website. We’re Australia’s leading speciality label printing house, and we’d love to make labels work for you.

Brought to you by Ellie Martin, Digital Development Manager, Avery Weprint

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