Partnership to provide small retailers seamless eCommerce experience

“The partnership gives entrepreneurs and small businesses the ability to set up shop and start shipping their products almost immediately through logistics networks previously reserved for the big-end of town.”

End-to-end and seamless eCommerce platform Neto and door-to-door carbon neutral parcel delivery service Sendle are partnering to bring Australian businesses a seamless eCommerce experience from store set-up to sending goods, with Sendle integrated as the default delivery provider on the platform.

Thousands of businesses use Neto’s platform to run their online stores and have cumulatively turned over more than $1 billion through the service, while Sendle facilitates an estimated $100 million in small business commerce annually.

The partnership between the two fast-growing Australian companies offers a solution for entrepreneurs who are struggling to set up or scale an eCommerce business, and manage the logistics behind delivering products to customers.

“Sendle for Neto” simplifies eCommerce, billing and shipping, making it easy for Australian businesses to get online and scale efficiently. It gives entrepreneurs and small businesses the ability to set up shop and start shipping their products almost immediately through logistics networks previously reserved for the big-end of town. To get their online store up and running all users need to do is “Just add product.”

The partnership means that Neto users receive Sendle’s national flat rate pricing, for 100 per cent carbon-neutral door-to-door delivery services. It also means that Neto customers receive a free Sendle Premium account upgrade, saving them up to $1 on every parcel and $120 in subscription fees.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr Ryan Murtagh, Founder of Neto, said, “Neto and Sendleare leading the charge on eCommerce in Australia, and together we have an unrivalled understanding of small businesses. We’re excited to partner with a like-minded company to offer an out of the box solution to help Aussie small businesses grow online.

“Businesses have to be frictionless, both for the merchant and the consumer. Five to 10 years ago, the successful e-businesses were really tech companies. Since then, there’s been a shift. Neto handles the platform and technology, allowing you to put your customers at the centre of the universe and focus on what you’re producing. If businesses don’t put customers at the center and deliver a frictionless experience, they’ll struggle to survive in years to come,” said Murtagh.

Mr James Chin Moody, CEO and founder of Sendle, said, “With its deep experience in online retail Neto knows too well that logistics is traditionally one of the major pain points for eCommerce businesses. By becoming a delivery provider available by default in Neto, we make shipping simple, reliable and affordable for thousands of merchants across Australia.”

“It’s important to understand that customer expectations are higher than ever before, and consumers are extremely discerning about how much friction there should and shouldn’t be when making a purchase. Removing friction means understanding things from the customer’s point of view, and changing your business to meet them. You can’t be 80 per cent good to 100 per cent of the market, you have to be 100 per cent good to your chosen market. It’s not always good to have more options and choices; it’s all about understanding your market and removing the pain for them.”

“Sendle for Neto” is fully integrated with the Neto platform, so Neto users can immediately access the full range of benefits, which include:

  • the ability to start shipping immediately, and track deliveries
  • a streamlined process for shipping and billing
  • national flat-rate pricing
  • 100 per cent carbon neutral door-to-door delivery
  • no need for credit approvals
  • no need for vendor contracts (no minimum quantities required for delivery).

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