One in three suffering serious sleep debt

The nation’s largest sleep report, by Sealy, has unveiled a sleep debt that has prompted researchers, sports stars and celebrities with a fast-paced lifestyle to call for Australians to reconsider their everyday habits, in a bid to increase their quality of rest and overall performance.

Australian Cricket Star, Usman Khawaja, Olympic Swimming Medalist, Giaan Rooney and latest The Block winners, Will and Karlie, are among just some of the stars asking Australians to join them on a four week journey to revolutionise how they sleep.

Starting 1 March, the stars will change one everyday habit for four weeks and measure how it improves their sleep quality and performance on the field, at work or in their day-to-day schedule.

The movement comes as the Sealy Sleep Census of 2300 Australians unveiled one in three individuals sleep for just six hours or less per night. This is an alarming finding given that 80 per cent claimed they need seven hours or more to function effectively the next day.

The impact of sleep debt on the workplace

A significant 80 per cent of all Australians felt like they would function more effectively at work if they slept better. When broken down into categories, it was self-employed Australians who were the most likely to feel they could function more effectively at work if they slept better (67 per cent). This was followed by students (56 per cent), those employed full-time (47 per cent), and then employed part-time (44 per cent).

When it came to their personal lives, nearly 70 per cent of Australians said their everyday performance was impacted by lack of sleep. Low moods, lack of energy and even depression due to a lack of sleep we just some of the key symptoms.

These findings show that Australians need to make a shift and prioritise a quality night’s sleep in their day to day lives.

Changing habits and improving quality sleep

In a bid for Australians to get into a healthy routine and make quality sleep a priority in 2017, Sealy is encouraging a fresh start for the year, starting on 1 March.

Sealy spokesperson and expert in bedding, Wade Ganzer, confirmed that a poor night’s sleep can create a knock on effect: “We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, broken down that’s around twenty five years. Taking a few simple step to promote a positive sleep experience can be as easy as ditching caffeine or alcohol late in the day, or making a conscious decision to switch off the TV a little earlier before bedtime.”

These things are often habits that we don’t realise have an effect on our sleep. Being conscious of what your vice is, and making a real effort to limit something over a couple of weeks is enough to see dramatic changes in your performance in areas of your life that you previously didn’t associate with your sleep, like your relationships or workplace.”

Celebrities improving quality sleep and performance

A number of busy celebrities have confirmed that they’re ready to break bad habits and make 2017 a year for prioritising sleep:

  • Australian Cricketer, Usman Khawaja – reducing the amount of time on technology before bed will be a priority
  • Olympic swimming medalist, Channel 7 presenter and second-time mum-to-be, Giaan Rooney – going to bed one hour earlier each night
  • 2016 winners of The Block, Will and Karlie – kicking caffeine after 3pm each day

Aussies are encouraged to share their experience, including notable differences in performance from kicking bad habits and making sleep a priority over a four week period on social media via the hashtag #MyQualitySleepHabit

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