Konvo: a revolution in social commerce

“Why isn’t there a Steve Jobs of social media?” is a question that advertising executive Nicholas Reid and tech entrepreneur Davide De Vincentiis asked themselves time and again as they pondered the drawbacks of social media.

More specific questions – such as “where can social media go?”, “why do people get so lost in its tentacles?” and “how can it remain relevant?” – and looking for the answers to them, has resulted in Konvo, the world’s first truly cohesive social commerce platform.

Alongside former Amazon, Hollywood and Facebook pioneer Chris Adams, Nicholas and Davide set out to create a solution to overcome what a July 2015 Wall Street Journal study identified as the biggest complaint about social media, “I keep seeing stuff I don’t care about in my feed”.

The key to resolving this issue was to find a way to effectively bring trending into marketing, which the team have achieved by developing truetrend™, the engine that drives Konvo.

Research shows 2.3 billion people spend 38 minutes every day on social media, truetrend™ cuts through the massive amount of data this creates to offer personalised trending offering users access to feeds that the technology has identified is of genuine interest to them.

Existing social-media vehicles silo users into separate platforms, making them have to jump from one to another to speak to different people and access different products and services. Konvo, on the other hand, will enable its users to make multiple contacts and transactions around a conversation about a topic or event that is of particular interest to them.

Perhaps you’re looking forward to the Spring Racing Carnival? Konvo Shop will allow you to find out what the trends for this season’s renewal are, to ascertain which milliners, shoe shops, outfitters and so on are selling those products; what people will be wearing, and to make purchasers from those multiple providers in one transaction (as long as they are completed in one session).

Konvo Shop will be enabled for desktop and mobile, making it accessible from anywhere for consumers. Retailers will be able to create an eCommerce site for nothing on the platform, and every provider has the same presence so multinational High Street retailers down to small businesses offering niche products will be equally visible to potential consumers.

Konvo Business will operate on the same egalitarian basis, so those looking for services will be able to find exactly what they want, irrespective of the provider’s size or advertising budget. Every business on the platform will have the same presence, allowing small-business owners the opportunity to compete on a level playing field with those from “the top end of town”.

And both Konvo Shop and Konvo Business will tie in with the Konvo Personal platform – as more and more people talk about them with their friends and fellow Konvo users, they will have the opportunity to grow their brand and their sales, to take a slice of the $3.5 trillion of online retail sales that is predicted globally by 2019.

Konvo Personal has already launched in beta , and Business and Shop  are both on track for beta launch, by the end of this year and early next year, respectively. Further details to follow soon.

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