Is the “Silly Season” silly for business owners?

The end of the year is usually the time when many business owners start to slow down. However, according to serial entrepreneurs Franziska Iseli and Christo Hall, it is a great time to run a promotion to get ahead and stand out from the competitors.

“After working with thousands of businesses across different industries, we have found that it’s the perfect time to announce a promotion. While everyone thinks their customers are on holidays and distracted, in fact, they are often less distracted and have more time to view your promotions and buy,” Hall says.

“While everyone else is slowing down, this is a great opportunity to turn it up a notch,” says Iseli, marketing strategist and co-founder of marketing training organisation Basic Bananas.

“I know that it takes discipline to finish the year strong, but it’s so worth it.”

Hall adds, “Most people wind down at the end of the year, but those who get ahead use it as a time to work on their business versus in it.”

Iseli says that it is often the lack of planning that is at the core of many companies’ struggles.

“Getting all the planning done at the end of the year is a lot smarter and more strategic than waiting for the new year to kick off. This way the business owner already has clarity and focus when they get back from the Christmas break,” she explains.

“Even a simple strategy to show your customers some extra love over the Christmas holidays by mailing them cards, Christmas newsletters and discounts can be a great way to generate some quick revenue to start the new year,” Hall says. “The end of the year is a great time to look back and see the facts, how has business been performing and what were the things that made the biggest impact, so you know more of what to do in the new year.”

“Why not use the downtime to catch up on important but often overlooked tasks; do your accounting, catch up on your bookkeeping and map out your goals for the coming year. Do the things which have been neglected in the business,” Iseli concludes.

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