Inside Small Business wants your feedback!

We need your feedback so we can create even more interesting and relevant content.

We’re working on improving every manifestation of Inside Small Business. We want to best serve your needs and interests in the quarterly magazine, our half-a-dozen daily posts on the website and the eNewsletter to which over 7000 – a figure that’s growing every day – of you are reading when it hits your inbox on Monday through Thursday.

We’re confident you like the new-look magazine when you see it on the shelves in the newsagent or in Qantas first and business lounges across Australia. We’re proud of the fact that when you google “news for small business” our website comes up in first or second position in the search list; and the growing numbers of newsletter subscribers suggest we’re going in the right direction. However, we know we can make ISB even better.

But we can’t make it better without knowing what it is you enjoy, and what you’d like to see more of. We need your feedback so we can create even more interesting and relevant content.

We’d love to hear what you think!

Please take just a few minutes of what we appreciate is your valuable time to fill out our survey. As a thank you for giving us this time, and your feedback, everyone who completes the survey will automatically go into the draw to win a mini iPad, valued at $399.

Thank you , we really appreciate your feedback, and your help in making ISB even better.

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